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Get real-time data from marketplaces like Google Shopping with ease using ShoppingScraper! Try out the user-friendly interface and easy-to-use API!

See what ourcustomers have to say

"ShoppingScraper supports us in making better decisions for our clients. The data accuracy in combination with the fast way to extract it to our own platforms makes ShoppingScraper a valuable partner’."

Koen van den Eeden
OMG Transact Managing Director

"ShoppingScraper offers a clear overview of all sellers in the market and delivers data from multiple marketplaces."

Pytrik Zwaagstra
Head of Sales Garmin Netherlands

"ShoppingScraper has been a key asset for our agency. With the support of ShoppingScraper we are able to collect massive quantities of relevant data, which feeds our systems, and provides our specialists with data-driven insights that help them make better decisions about advertising, optimization, pricing and inventory management, leading to increased sales and profits."

Toon Hendrikx
Founder & CEO 10XCREW

"ShoppingScraper's data has helped us make informed decisions about our pricing and inventory."

Elke Naber
E-commerce Manager BRONX Fashion

"ShoppingScraper has become an integral part of our distribution strategy. The product and pricing data it provides allows us to make smart decisions about our inventory and pricing."

Arjan Pelle
Manager Business Intelligence

We have been using this tool for a few months now. The user-friendly and intutive navigation make us use this tool almost daily to provide valuable insights. In short, ShoppingScraper has become an important tool for defining and adjusting our e-commerce strategy.

Remco Schevenhels
e-Commerce Manager D2C

Simplify decision-making with accurate data

Accurate content, search, pricing and seller data  
User-friendly interface and easy-to-use API
Use EAN or ASIN or keywords to get real-time data
Easily gather data from any product detail page
Analyze category trees and search rankings
Get detailed buy box information
More Features

How our customers use ShoppingScraper

ShoppingScraper is highly customizable, with a flexible web app and API that allows customers to scrape the data they need in their own way. No matter how you use ShoppingScraper, our tool can help you succeed!

📈 Pricing comparison and automation

Get insights about the real time market prices and assortments.

💸 Bid strategy

Add competitor pricing and advertisement to your bid strategy

🔍 SERP in marketplaces

Scan rankings of products for share of voice analysis within webshops and marketplaces

🛑 Brand protection

Scan marketplaces for correct usage of brand and counterfeit products

✅ Lead generation

Search for new sellers in markets and their contact details

📝 Content improvement

Use content on marketplaces and webshops to improve your product information

Google Shoppingscraper

Use our live search to scrape Google Shopping prices and from all Google Shopping sellers.

Real time Google Shopping prices in live search
Scrape Google Shopping SERP results based on keywords
Built in scheduler for Google Shopping price scraper
Use our Google Shopping Results API based on EAN
Scrape Google Shopping

Get your structured data from these webshops and marketplaces

Our API has been approved for use with a variety of webshops, giving you access to data for your growth hacking projects. Use our webapp to check prices and sellers, or get even more data using our API."

All webshops (750+)
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We use 🍪 to analyse the use of ShoppingScraper, by using this website you agree to our Privacy Policy.