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Transform any webshop into  
product intelligence
with ShoppingScraper

We have created an easy and intelligent ecommerce scraper, ideal for scraping prices, sellers, buybox data, search results and more. Get your data from webshops and marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping and

🖥️ Website scraping
We use the ‘front door’ to get our data without using APIs of marketplaces.
⚡ Real time data
Our API scrapes in real time. We don't use queues or cache data.
🌎 Global coverage
Our technology works for all Amazon and Google Shopping domains.

Ecommerce intelligence at your  fingertips

Web app

Without any coding skills you can scrape webshops and marketplaces. Create a list of your products and our scheduler will scrape on a daily basis. Or use it to check sellers for individual products on a marketplace.


Simple HTTP endpoints to get ecommerce intelligence into your own application. Export the data to your own datalake or Google Sheets using our page, product and search endpoint.

Use cases
Support for major webshops and marketplaces incl., IKEA, H&M, Apple, Amazon and Google Shopping
User friendly web app or send your request directly in our API
Search using EAN on webshops and marketplaces or use any keyword for SERP results
Use any product detail page as a source for your data
Analyze category trees and search rankings
Get detailed information which seller currently has the buy box
More Features

Product intelligence from any webshop and marketplace

We are your intelligent scraper, fully focused on ecommerce. Ideal for scraping prices, sellers, content, buybox data, search results and more.

How our customers use ShoppingScraper

All our customers use ShoppingScraper data in their own way. Our API is very flexible and gives every customer the possibility to scrape their desired data.

Pricing and assortment

Get insights about the real time market prices and assortments.

Bid strategy

Add competitor pricing and advertisement to your bid strategy

SEO in marketplaces

Scan rankings of products for share of voice analysis within webshops and marketplaces

Brand protection

Scan marketplaces for correct usage of brand and counterfeits

Ad verification

Companies can check if their ads are running correctly on the right websites

Content scraping

Use content on marketplaces and webshops to improve your product information

Get your structured data from these webshops and marketplaces

We have approved the following webshops with our API to get the structured data for your growth hacking projects. Use our webapp to check prices and sellers, or get even more data using our API.

All webshops (350+)
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We use 🍪 to analyse the use of ShoppingScraper, by using this website you agree to our Privacy Policy.

What clients say about  ShoppingScraper

Experience yourself how easy it is to use our software. No development skills are needed.

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"ShoppingScraper offers a clear overview of the assortment of sellers in the market and lists all prices offered."

Roel Timmers
Managing Director Navstar

"ShoppingScraper helps us analyse the market for new prospects and clients. The tool identifies all relevant sellers in a country based on Google Shopping."

Jeffrey Hamelink
CEO Direct Impact

"Matching products in ShoppingScraper is really easy. We just had to import our list of products with EAN codes and the system automatically scraped the right product information."

Jos Roodhuizen
Commercial Director Badkamerwinkel

Updates for ShoppingScraper

We continue to update our supported webshops and marketplaces.

Amazon SERP data for all Amazon domains

Search for any keyword on Amazon using our search endpoint to get a list of all organic and sponsored results. Support for all Amazon countries.

Google Shopping SERP data in all countries

Enter any search term to research which are ranked at the top (organic), who is selling the product and what the price is. Available for all Google Shopping countries.

More updates

ShoppingScraper: transform any webshop into product intelligence

We have created an easy and intelligent ecommerce scraper. We focus 100% on webshops and marketplaces like Google Shopping and Amazon.

More Features
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We use 🍪 to analyse the use of ShoppingScraper, by using this website you agree to our Privacy Policy.