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Our tools are designed to deliver real-time pricing, product data, and competitive insights directly to your dashboard. With just a few clicks, integrate our API into your system and start making data-driven decisions that enhance your market position. Ready to revolutionize your strategy? Explore our features and see how we can tailor solutions to your business needs. Remember, knowledge is power in eCommerce.

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Most popular scrapers

Google Shoppingscraper

Use our live search to scrape Google Shopping prices and from all Google Shopping sellers.

Real time Google Shopping prices in live search
Scrape Google Shopping SERP results based on keywords
Built in scheduler for Google Shopping price scraper
Use our Google Shopping Results API based on EAN
Scrape Google Shopping

How does the ShoppingScraper API enhance competitive pricing strategies?

The API provides access to real-time data on pricing, reviews, content, and search results, allowing businesses to adjust their pricing dynamically based on the current market conditions and competitor actions.

Can I use the ShoppingScraper web app for quick pricing updates?

Yes, the web app is specifically designed for real-time quick access to pricing data, making it ideal for users who need to perform speedy price checks without the need of using the API.

Can the API provide insights into product reviews and ratings from different marketplaces?

Yes, for some marketplaces our API has dedicated endpoints for scraping reviews and ratings, enabling you to gather comprehensive feedback and sentiment analysis from various marketplaces. This data can inform product improvements and marketing strategies.

Is it possible to automate data extraction for recurring tasks using ShoppingScraper?

Absolutely. Our API includes a scheduler endpoint that lets you set up automatic, recurring data extractions based on predefined schedules. This automation ensures you consistently receive up-to-date data without manual intervention, perfect for regular monitoring and reporting.
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