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Amazon price and data scraper
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Unlock the full potential of market analysis with our Amazon Scraper. Designed to provide real-time data on pricing, availability, and seller information, this tool is your gateway to strategic market positioning. Ideal for e-commerce professionals seeking an edge in competitive analysis and pricing strategy.
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What can you achieve with the Amazon Scraper?

With ShoppingScraper's Amazon API, dive deep into competitor analysis by accessing up-to-date information on all sellers of a product on amazon. Make informed decisions by comparing prices, checking product availability, and analyzing market trends. Enhance your e-commerce strategy with actionable insights obtained through our efficient scraping tool.

How can I discover who is selling my products on Amazon?

Leverage ShoppingScraper's real-time data to easily identify all sellers of your products on Google Shopping. Gain insights into seller distribution, ensuring you're always informed about who is selling your products and how they're being represented in the marketplace. Understand your competitive landscape better by seeing who else is selling similar products.

How do I access detailed descriptions and specifications of my products on Amazon?

Utilize ShoppingScraper to access comprehensive details of your products on Google Shopping, including full descriptions, specifications, and unique attributes. This enables you to ensure accuracy and consistency across online marketplaces. Ensure your product information is accurately listed across sellers and identify content gaps and opportunities for enhancement.

How can I find the lowest price to adjust my pricing strategy?

With ShoppingScraper's API, instantly find the lowest price at which your products are being offered on Amazon. This critical insight allows you to adjust your pricing strategy, ensuring you remain competitive while protecting your margins. Stay ahead by matching or beating the lowest market prices. Strategically position your products based on real-time pricing data.

How can I find the lowest price to adjust my pricing strategy?

With ShoppingScraper’s Amazon price tracker, you can continuously monitor price changes for any product. This tool accesses Amazon's webshops directly without using API's, ensuring you never miss a price adjustment.

Is it possible to access the price history of an Amazon product?

No, you can't access the price history as we will start scraping your product according to your frequency the moment you give us the assignment. From that moment on we will store your data.

What kind of data can I pull using the Amazon ShoppingScraper API?

The Amazon shopping api allows you to pull diverse data including price, product specifications, seller information, and stock availability, which are crucial for effective market analysis.

How does the search endpoint help in finding products on Amazon?

The search endpoint allows users to query Amazon products using specific keywords. This feature retrieves detailed product information, ensuring users can find and analyze products relevant to their interests or business needs.

What is EAN to ASIN conversion, and why is it important?

EAN to ASIN conversion is a process where European Article Numbers (EANs) are translated into Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). This is crucial for sellers and businesses to accurately list and track their products on Amazon, as ASINs are the primary identifiers used on the platform. We take care of the translation of EAN to ASIN.

How does your API handle EAN to ASIN conversion?

Our API supports EAN to ASIN conversion by taking an EAN code provided by the user and returning the corresponding ASIN. We derive the data from Amazon's search engine and match the correct result to the right ASIN.

Can I convert multiple EANs to ASINs at once?

Yes, our API is capable of handling bulk EAN to ASIN conversions. This allows users to process multiple product identifiers simultaneously, significantly improving efficiency for large-scale operations.

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API Documentation and Sample Data

Our API documentation provides a clear overview of what data you can expect, including formats and structures. Side-by-side with sample data, you'll know exactly what to expect when using our Google Shopping API, ensuring transparency and reliability.
{ "results": [ { "ean": null, "sku": "3948859086", "url": "", "title": "Couch Potatoes: Food für faule Tage", "thumbnail": "", "availability": "InStock", "offers": [ { "seller": "Die-Bücherfrau", "sellerId": "A2Q0WMVWZHZXF1", "price": 35, "shippingPrice": 13.47, "totalPrice": 48.47, "condition": "New", "shippingMethod": "standard" }, { "seller": "Rheinberg-Buch", "sellerId": "AQJOK2ISQB5Q5", "price": 35, "shippingPrice": 15, "totalPrice": 50, "condition": "New", "shippingMethod": "standard" }, { "seller": "der_buechermann", "sellerId": "AJPSNQXZ9MPVQ", "price": 35, "shippingPrice": 15.05, "totalPrice": 50.05, "condition": "New", "shippingMethod": "standard" }, { "seller": "Die-Bücherschwester", "sellerId": "A2IC3T9ETMBMOP", "price": 35, "shippingPrice": 16.05, "totalPrice": 51.05, "condition": "New", "shippingMethod": "standard" }, { "seller": "buchrakete", "sellerId": "A2HNO22J6HJR0R", "price": 35, "shippingPrice": 27.95, "totalPrice": 62.95, "condition": "New", "shippingMethod": "standard" }, { "seller": "averdo24", "sellerId": "A34Y2KYGMK99L1", "price": 35, "shippingPrice": 38.16, "totalPrice": 73.16, "condition": "New", "shippingMethod": "standard" }, { "seller": "Return policy", "sellerId": null, "price": 35.33, "shippingPrice": 17.45, "totalPrice": 52.78, "condition": "New", "shippingMethod": "Prime" } ] } ]
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