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Unieuro scraper

Scrape Unieuro with Unieuro API
ShoppingScraper offers an easy way to scrape and do your competitor analysis or make a price comparison. Our Unieuro API offers an easy way to extract ecommerce data: product availability, price and more in real-time. Check our list for full compatibility of the webshop API.
Data export📁
Get direct results with our endpoint and select your own export method. Our data collector makes it possible to schedule your request and frequency. Choose your own preferred method: export your data to a JSON file or use our CSV exporter in our webapp.

Unieuro API
Country support:
Documentation ℹ️
Scrape using our API endpoins. Read more in our API documentation about scraping Unieuro.

Google Shoppingscraper

Use our live search to scrape Google Shopping prices and from all Google Shopping sellers. Perfect for your Google Shopping competitor analysis.

Real time Google Shopping prices in live search
Scrape Google Shopping SERP results based on keywords
Built in scheduler for Google Shopping price scraper
Use our Google Shopping Results API based on EAN


Use our live search to scrape prices and from all sellers. Perfect for your competitor analysis.

Real time seller prices in live search product ranking service: scrape using bol keywords
Built in buy box monitor alerting
Use our API endpoint based on EAN or keyword
Use seller information for lead generation

Ecommerce scraper

Scrape Unieuro prices easily with our ecommerce scraper. Access the Unieuro API or use our webapp for any other webshop or marketplace that we support.

Ecommerce product scraper📝
Extracting content from is possible using our API. The description and images are available for Unieuro using our Unieuro API. This content can be used to check the quality of the data or compare it to your own data.
Price scraper 🏷️ is a popular source for ecommerce price comparison and competitor analysis. If you need near real-time prices of Unieuro you can use our Unieuro API to extract the product price and availability. Use the Unieuro price scraper or our web app.
Scrape using these endpoints 📄
Page 📄
Scrape product detail pages from this webshop using the URL.

Get the data you need easily

Web app

Create a list of your products and our scheduler will scrape the data on a daily basis. User friendly and no coding skills needed.

📄 Web app
API endpoint

Simple HTTP endpoints to get ecommerce intelligence into your own application. Export the data in simple JSON format. Read more in our documentation below.

📄 Search API 📄 Product API 📄 Page API 📄 Seller API

Available data in Unieuro API

Get data from our ecommerce scraper by using our web app or directly use our Unieuro API endpoint.
Product title
Product 👕
Product title from the associated product
Product description
Product 👕
Description on the retailers website.
Product price + currency
Product 👕
Shows the price of the product and the currency
Product brand name
Product 👕
Brand name associated with the product
Product availability
Product 👕
Product is in stock or sold out
Product image
Product 👕
URL to the image associated with the product.
Product rating value
Product 👕
Product rating given by users on the retailers website
Product rating count
Product 👕
The number of ratings for the associated product

Use cases with Unieuro API

📈 Pricing comparison and automation

Get insights about the real time market prices and assortments.

💸 Bid strategy

Add competitor pricing and advertisement to your bid strategy

🔍 SERP in marketplaces

Scan rankings of products for share of voice analysis within webshops and marketplaces

🛑 Brand protection

Scan marketplaces for correct usage of brand and counterfeit products

✅ Lead generation

Search for new sellers in markets and their contact details

📝 Content improvement

Use content on marketplaces and webshops to improve your product information

Start for free, pick a plan later

Use ShoppingScraper with 100 free webshop requests for 7-days and upgrade if it meets your needs. Cancel anytime.

Hobby 🧑🏽‍💻

25k webshop requests. Without marketplace support.
Web app + API access
Price monitoring on webshops. Without marketplace support.
Upgrade for data from marketplaces Amazon,, Google Shopping and
Upgrade for buy box monitoring
Upgrade for additional webshop requests
API data
Find data using a product detail page URL or EAN code
Upgrade for marketplace data: prices, content, SERP and seller data
Basic support
Sign up

Startup 📈

75k webshop requests or 37.5k marketplace requests
Web app + API access
Price monitoring on webshops and marketplaces
1 marketplace included (select Amazon,, Google Shopping or
Marketplace buy box monitoring with alerts
Upgrade for additional webshop requests
API data
Find data using a product detail page URL or EAN code
Marketplace data for prices, content, SERP and seller data from marketplaces
Priority support
Sign up

Business 👔

250k webshop requests or 125k marketplace requests
Web app + API access
Price monitoring on webshops and marketplaces
2 marketplaces included (select Amazon,, Google Shopping,
Marketplace buy box monitoring with alerts
25k additional webshop requests costs €29,-
API data
Find data using a product detail page URL or EAN code
Marketplace data for prices, content, SERP and seller data from marketplaces
Dedicated support
Sign up
Price data
Realtime prices, costs and availability from all sellers on webshops and marketplaces.
Any webshop URL or EAN code
Product category, product images and specifications from webshops and marketplaces
Any webshop URL or EAN code
Listings from search engine result pages and category pages from webshops and marketplaces
Any keyword or id
Seller data
Detailed information about the seller on the marketplace i.e. ratings and address etc.
Any EAN code

We charge for found and not found requests, as the amount of work is equal for our system in both cases.
Marketplace requests are twice the cost of a webshop request.

Every plan includes

Realtime ShoppingScraper API to retrieve publicly available data
Export data in CSV in the web app or use the API for JSON data
Data scraping without coding, very easy to use
Scalable technology, collect as much data as you need
Fully-compliant with industry best practice

Get your structured data from these webshops and marketplaces

We have approved the following webshops with our API to get the structured data for your growth hacking projects. Use our webapp to check prices and sellers, or get even more data using our API.

All webshops (750+)
Cookie Consent
We use 🍪 to analyse the use of ShoppingScraper, by using this website you agree to our Privacy Policy.

Frequently asked questions

The FAQ will guide you through the most common questions and their answers. Have some other question? Leave us a message.

So how does it really work?

We scrape directly from the marketplaces and webshops. You can use our web app to scrape prices from marketplaces. Or you can request for your data directly in our API. Our API supports 750+ webshops and marketplaces.

What types of API endpoints are there?

We have three different API endpoints: page endpoint (URL of product detail pages), product endpoint (EAN or ASIN based) and search endpoint (keyword based). The API response is in JSON.

Can I scrape any product detail page from any webshop?

The page endpoint scrapes product detail pages and returns data like the description, category, product images, availability, brand, price and more. We support 95% of all webshops.

Does the price tracker scrape data periodically?

You can use price trackers in our web app. According to your schedule the price tracker updates the data. Scrape price data every minute, hour, week or day from the marketplaces. A live CSV file gets updated every time new data comes in.

What happens when a CAPTCHA or 403 error (forbidden) occurs in the page endpoint?

The website probably uses specific software to make scraping life hard. You can always contact us for a specific endpoint for your website.

I need more than 2,500,000 credits per month!

No problem at all, just drop us a line at and we will make a custom offer for you following our Enterprise pricing.

What happens if I run out of credits before the end of my current month?

No problem. If you temporarily need more credits, you can upgrade in the Hobby and Startup plan. You will be able to downgrade it later whenever you want. Or you can buy additional 500k credits for €45,- in the Business plan.

Can I cancel my plan any time?

Cancelling is easy and can be done without giving a reason. It can be done in less than 30 seconds from your dashboard.

Will you support other marketplaces and webshops too?

Send us a message if your webshop is not supported yet.

Which webshops are compatible with ShoppingScraper?

We have a full list available on the supported webshops page, but around 95% of webshops work perfectly.