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How our customers use ShoppingScraper

Our webapp offers buy box monitoring, live search and price tracking. Our API is very flexible and gives every customer the possibility to scrape their desired data.

📈 Dynamic Pricing & Market Analysis

Automate your own competitive pricing algo and keep pace with market fluctuations.

💸 Enhanced Bid Strategies

Incorporate real-time competitive data into your advertising bids to maximize ROI.

🔍 Marketplace SEO Monitoring

Scan rankings of products for share of voice analysis within webshops and marketplaces

🛑 Brand protection

Ensure your brand's reputation stays intact by monitoring and reporting unauthorized or counterfeit listings.

✅ Lead generation

Identify and connect with emerging sellers for partnerships and expansion opportunities.

📝 Content improvement

Refine product content using marketplace intelligence for improved engagement and conversion.

Real-use customer examples