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Generate product content with ChatGPT + merely the EAN code 🤯


February 2, 2023

Announcement: We have decided to commercialize and turn this into a dedicated product.

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Generate product content with ChatGPT + merely the EAN code 🤯

ShoppingScraper + Google Shopping + GPT-3 🔥

How easy would life be if ChatGPT could generate content based on EAN codes. We've done it! 🚀

We finished working on a Google Sheet that connects our ShoppingScraper API to get content from Google Shopping and use that to feed in the prompt to GPT-3. 👨🏿‍💻

To connect to GPT-3 we've installed the add-on 'GPT For Sheets By Talarian add on for Google Sheets'.

After entering the API key for OpenAI and the ShoppingScraper API key you're good to go.

With the sheet you can:
-let GPT-3 write your description, specifications, features, Q&A and categories all based on EAN code/GTIN
-translate the product content in any language
-get content from Google Shopping in any country
-change the tone of voice from persuasive to sarcastic

If you want access to this fill in your details below.

The sheet includes a manual how to set this up and discusses importing the API keys and changing the prompts to tailor your content needs.

Download sheet